TruCerts Documentation

Introducing TruCerts

TruCerts is an enterprise – grade tracking and verification platform for manufacturers, suppliers and customers wishing to authenticate the genuity of what they buy or sell. TruCerts uses Blockchain technology to ensure documents are not tampered with or supply fake products.

With TruCerts you can create assets, perform transactions of these assets from one organization to the other and see where your assets have traveled from the time of manufacturing.


TruCerts comes packaged with a ready-to-go feature set for companies to take advantage of this blockchain based platform. Here are few major features that comes out of the box with TruCerts:

  • Authentication
    • Login With Identity Card
    • Register With Basic Information
    • User roles 
    • Manufacturer 
    • Fabricator
    • End User
    • Trader
  • Asset Management
    • Create Assets By Manufacturer or Fabricator
    • Name
    • Description
    • HeatID
    • Categories
    • Certificates
    • Quantity
    • Sell Assets between traders
    • Based on Selection
    • Based on Excel Import
    • Chain Of Custody
    • Complete Chain from Manufacturer to End User/Buyer
    • Graphical Representation
  • Organization Management
    • Rate Organization
    • Refer Organization/Other Clients
    • Search for Organization
  • Identity Management
    • Multiple users per organization
    • Various levels of access for each users
    • Re-issue identity Certificates

For Manufacturers

  • Prevent customers from buying counterfeit products stamped with your brand
  • Produce authentic certificates for your products that cannot be tampered with.
  • Enable your customers to verify the authenticity of their purchase.
  • Reduce your customer service cost dedicated to verifying the genuity of customer’s purchase.
  • Receive market information about your products to plan your production.
  • Understand who your customers are and what they think about your organization and products.

For Customers

  • Determine the genuity and authenticity of your purchases regardless of who you buy the material from.
  • Receive a full dossier that certifies and authenticates all stages of production, testing, inspections, the transformation of the product.
  • Receive peer rating of the products, brands, and organizations that you procure from.
  • Authenticate the genuity of the products you purchase from the general market and clearly see the line of custody of such purchases.
  • Rate the organizations that you deal with and share these ratings with others.